Announcing the Donald Hale Home Lumber Scholarship

The Whitewater Community Foundation board of directors has been looking for local citizens who may want to support scholarships in the trades in addition to traditional 4-year colleges. We believe that a successful community requires many types of education. The trades are historically ignored when it comes to scholarships, and we are proud to add the Donald Hale Home Lumber Scholarship to the mix. Please spread the word to Whitewater High School students you know who might want a career in (literally) building communities.

Donald Hale Home Lumber Memorial Scholarship

There is a growing need in the trades to replace competent carpenters from the Baby Boomer generation who will now be needed to build homes. This need is significant. There are not enough quality builders to offset the demand for housing which has been increasing exponentially. Many of the best carpenters are reaching retirement age with no plan for succession. There is also a need for well-minded contractor sales people in the lumber industry capable of serving the needs of those same builders. For either of these careers, blueprint reading and material take-off are important and with the right attitude salary expectations can be significant rating above six figures incomes. In honor of Donald W. Hale, Founder of Home Lumber Company, who was always reaching out to the community, and assisting people in the building trades, Home Lumber promotes the Building Material Industry by granting this $1,000 Donald Hale Memorial Scholarship to a senior who chooses to further his/her career in either of these fields. Selection of the award will be based upon high school record, community involvement, character and financial need. The recipient of this scholarship must attain a minimum grade point average of 2. 75 on a 4 point scale after their first post high school semester and show proof of registration for their second semester on this two year technical journey. Selection will be made by Geoff Hale and the WHS Common Application will be used.

WCF Supports Work toward a Dementia-Friendly City

The Board of Directors from the Whitewater Community Foundation presented their first 2017 Community Action Grant on July 12 with a check for $1,000 to Seniors in the Park.

Numerous volunteers are working with Seniors in the Park to make Whitewater a dementia-friendly community. The funds go toward communication and community awareness of the everyday difficulties experienced by people affected by dementia and the stresses experienced by their caregivers. The Foundation got a crash course in dementia awareness and a sneak peak at the brochures that Seniors in the Park is putting together to spread the word about screenings, trainings, business trainings and resources available to make Whitewater a friendly and safe place for our retired population.

As the Boomer generation ages, rates of dementia will rise sharply. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030, 75.6 million people in the world will be affected by dementia. Whitewater boasts a large retired population, which is part of this worldwide “Silver Tsunami.” In response, Whitewater’s forward-thinking committee with Seniors in the Park has been working diligently to face the challenges of dementia head-on.

Seniors in the Park is partnering with the Irvin L. Young Library to create a Memory Café, a monthly social hour for caregivers and those who are affected by dementia. There will be activities and discussions available. In addition, the Mulberry Glen Senior Living Community, which regularly fundraises and gives toward dementia-related causes, will also partner with the group to provide trained staff and events.

The committee has already sponsored one session with 15-minute early detection screenings for dementia and will be holding another screening on September 20, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. The last screening exceeded expectations and resulted in a waitlist, so making an appointment will be necessary for the next one. Please contact Deb Weberpal at

In addition to early-detection screenings, the group has committed to Purple Angel trainings for local businesses to learn signs of dementia and how to redesign a store and signage in a way that is more friendly for someone who may be experiencing tunnel-vision or confusion while shopping.

The Whitewater Community Foundation board applauds these efforts to create more strength and flexibility in our community. A safe community for our retired population is also a safe community for our children, our cyclists and pedestrians, and our disabled population. We are so excited to be a part of this project!

We're Starting a Quarterly Newsletter!

Are you interested in updates about what the Whitewater Community Foundation is doing in town? Do you want to hear more about what our local nonprofits are doing to support our community? If so, please sign up for our newsletter. We promise to keep them short, sweet, and informative.

Announcing Community Action Grants!

The Whitewater Community Foundation is happy to announce our new partners in our Spring Community Action Grant cycle! We received a number of stellar applications this year, and we can't wait to share our interviews and site visits with you as the monies are spent and great programming happens in our beloved city.

In total, the board awarded $7,000 to:

Seniors in the Park for its work toward creating a dementia-friendly community;
Lakeview Elementary's Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) Team;
Scholarships for Camp Invention at the High School July 17-21;
Rock River Free Clinic's supplemental chronic disease medications program;
Downtown Whitewater's plan to provide outdoor speakers during downtown parades/festivals;
and the Lakeview Bookworms Head Start reading program.

We can't wait to meet all these hard-working volunteers who make our city great! Stay tuned as we tour their projects and ask them the fun questions.

Organizations Doing Great Things in Whitewater

The Whitewater Community Foundation, Downtown Whitewater, and UW-Whitewater are hosting a Civic Organization Summit next week and we've been doing some digging to find out who is doing great things in this town.

We're posting a list HERE of nonprofits, service organizations, UWW departments, and local businesses that do great things in our beloved city. If you think we've left someone off the list, or if we we need to update information for an organization, please contact us at or go to our contact page at

Announcing Community Action Grant Deadline!

Twice a year, the Whitewater Community Foundation offers Community Action Grants for projects that our community and board of directors believe worthwhile and beneficial to various segments of the population. The Whitewater Community Foundation's mission is to "enhance quality of life in the Whitewater area via educational, cultural, charitable or benevolent expenditures." The Foundation provides seed money for nonprofit projects that benefit Whitewater and residents of Whitewater. We look for creative or innovative projects that address community needs and can kick start a project that does not depend upon renewal of funding.

Grant proposals are due on April 30 this year. Decisions for funding will be made by the board of directors by end of the following month. Should this deadline be missed, there will be an opportunity to submit a grant proposal in October of 2017.

In the past, the Foundation has awarded grants in program areas such as after school and summer camp STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) programming for children, playground equipment for children and adults, murals, environmental education, music and entertainment for community events, training for disabled artists, and projects that support community health.

For more about the selection and granting process and to download Grant applications, please click on the tab for our grants page on our website. Additional questions can be sent through the contact link on the website or to Brienne Brown at

Wrapping up our First Annual Campaign

2016 has been a big year for the Whitewater Community Foundation.

We gave out almost $20,000 in grants to local nonprofits and their initiatives. These are organizations that put first the ideas of neighborhood and city when they think of community.

And, we're wrapping up our first ever Annual Campaign to raise money in order for our Foundation to continue these Community Action Grants. No foundation or nonprofit that wants to make a difference can continue to sit back on its laurels and simply let things happen.  A community foundation has to get active and muddy, find out what the neighborhood wants and find the means to make it happen through leadership development, fundraising, seed money and organizing. We've had a great year! And we couldn't have done it without our community champions.

Please take a moment to donate to our campaign by the end of the year. We still have an online Facebook fundraiser through Network for Good that lasts for two more days. That costs us nothing, because of the generosity of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

You can donate through our website, but we are charged a fee. If you still use stamps, you can send a check to P.O. Box 428, Whitewater, WI 53190.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions. 262-458-4088


Jim Caldwell from First Citizens State Bank presents a check for $10,000 to President Kevin Brunner for our first Annual Campaign!

The Whitewater Community Foundation has been asking the community for donations, so that we can fund our Community Action Grants. We gave out almost $20,000 in grants in the spring funding adult fitness equipment in Starin Park, diabetes medication for under-insured patients at Rock River Free Clinic, STEM Camp Invention Scholarships for Whitewater children, a mural on the playground at Washington Elementary, computers for Wisconsin Makers workshops, helping to train Studio84 artists with disabilities to sell their artwork, and live music at the Whitewater Tuesday City Market. 

Our goal during this annual campaign is to reach $50,000 so that we can continue to provide seed money for locally driven initiatives every year. Please consider giving to your community on #GivingTuesday. Any amount is appreciated, and your name will be included on our annual report as a community champion. We have received donations from $25 to $5000. Any amount helps your community. You can donate on our web page by clicking the donate button, or you can mail a check to P.O. box 428 in Whitewater, 53190.

Washington Elementary Mural Shines!

Board members Kevin Brunner, Mark Dorn, and Carroll Olm visited Washington Elementary last week to check out progress on the GORGEOUS mural that the kids are painting. Art teacher Mareta Hale took us through her process of visualizing the mural, prepping the wall, and giving the children jobs to adorn the boundaries of their blacktop. Right now, the field of flowers has almost been completed before the winter weather sets in.  Approximately 300 children attend Washington Elementary. Each flower represents each child and is exactly the height of the child who painted it.  There is more work to be done next spring.  Plans include a regional landscape on the large upper walls, a train traveling under the wooden walk/foot bridge, the octagon house, and the iconic water tower as well.

Whitewater Community Foundation is proud to help sponsor this community project that will be seen and remembered fondly for years to come!

Shown left to right: Andrea Alcala, Tom Grosinske, Washington Elementary Principal, Brandon Antunez, Mareta Hale, Art Teacher, Mark Dorn and Carroll Olm, WWCF Representatives, Ruben Puc Chi, and David Servin.

WCF Launches our Annual Campaign, and We Need You!


Whitewater Community Foundation is a new and improved Foundation committed to serving our neighbors. We’ve expanded our vision from scholarships to seed money that helps community-led projects grow. Our foray into finding out what the community values has been extremely successful. As a result, we're launching an annual campaign today to ask YOU to donate to your community and support our Whitewater Community Action fund.

We’ve already raised $13,000 dollars among the board and other supporters, and we want to raise $50,000 by the end of November. What do YOU care about in Whitewater? Do you want more art, more community activities, more environmental education, more support for local farmers, more opportunities to help our children become exceptional?

Visit and click the donate button at the bottom of any page. Donate as little or as much as you want. Write us a note on the contact page and tell us what you want to see happen in Whitewater.


This year, the WCF helped fund a school mural at Washington Elementary, job skills for artists with disabilities at Studio84, scholarships for kids attending science summer camp with Camp Invention, diabetes medication for patients at Rock River Free Clinic, tablets for workshops at Wisconsin Makers, outdoor adult fitness equipment at Starin Park, musicians at the Whitewater City Market, and environmental workshops with Kettle Moraine Land Trust.

We are currently taking applications for our second round of Community Action Grants, which will be due on October 31. DONATE to YOUR community now. You decide what amount you want to contribute. One hundred people donating $25 each can fund another community project. Visit us at and let your voice be heard! Your name will appear in our 2016 Annual Report as a community supporter.

If you prefer mail, send us a note and a check for ANY amount you feel is within your budget to Whitewater Community Foundation, c/o Community Action Grants, P.O. Box 428, Whitewater, WI 53190.

We all build our communities together! Please contact us via web, mail, or e-mail at to help make great things happen in Whitewater. DONATE NOW!

WCF Supports Music at the Whitewater City Market

Another Community Action Grant on the books!

Board members of the Whitewater Community Foundation visit the new Whitewater City Market every Tuesday, but yesterday was a special occasion. President Kevin Brunner and Vice President David Yochum met with board members Kristine Zaballos and Lisa Smith from Downtown Whitewater to present them with a check that helps pay musicians for the entertainment provided in the courtyard of the market from 3:30-7:30.

Downtown Whitewater finds local and area musicians, some from as far as Chicago and Fond du Lac, to share their love of music. Musicians range from minstrels, cover bands, crooners, and singer song writers to international artists who sing in three or four languages. In Downtown Whitewater's grant proposal, they stated that they were not just trying to create a fun farmer's market that supported local farmers and artisans, they were trying to create a community space where everyone could stop in and people watch, participate in children's activities, play checkers, have some dinner and a beer.

The Foundation agrees that supporting the arts - such as music - brings joy and creates community and wanted to help this fledgling project achieve its goals. Already, we have seen farmers enjoy a beer and sing with musicians. We have seen school children dance, and smiling patrons sit under the colorful umbrellas while having conversations with newly discovered neighbors.

Congratulations, Downtown Whitewater. We are so proud to be a part of this event!


Board Members Take a Tour of Rock River Free Clinic

Whitewater Community Foundation board members visited Rock River Free Clinic (RRFC) this morning to meet another recipient of our inaugural Community Action Grants. Danielle Frawley, Dawn Hunter and David Yochum presented a check to Executive Director Kristin Wallace for $2,500 to help defray drug costs for RRFC clients. The RRFC is a nonprofit 501(3)c clinic led by a volunteer board of directors. It provides health care and education to community members in Whitewater, Jefferson County and Cambridge. The clinic became a fulltime clinic with a fulltime physician and registered nurse in 2012 through its pursuit of strong partnerships with Fort Healthcare and Jefferson County. They provide profound quality of care for our low income and uninsured neighbors. Healthy citizens make healthy communities, and more than 80 percent of RRFC clients need some sort of assistance with life-saving medications for chronic disease, such as diabetes. The Whitewater Community Foundation is honored to assist in helping area residents access these critical medications.

Partnering with Kettle Moraine Land Trust

The Whitewater Community Foundation presented a check for $3275 on Saturday, July 17 to KMLT Executive Director Maggie Zoellner of the Kettle Moraine Land Trust. KMLT manages several preserves though out Walworth County and partners with land owners who create Conservation Easements to preserve a portion of their property. The Whitewater Community Foundation's Community Action Grant funds went toward a series of educational programs targeted toward learning about edibles in the prairies and woodlands near Whitewater, growing mushrooms, and creating habitat for Monarch butterflies.

Saturday, more than 30 people walked through Natureland Park and foraged for berries, roots, leaves, and a number of other natives in the woodlands near the lake as well as the prairie just up the hill. Master Naturalist Christine Lilek lead the tour, enthusiastically pointing out and explaining the edibles. Afterward, there was a picnic salad made from the discoveries.

The Whitewater Community Foundation is pleased to help the KMLT provide these educational opportunities to the community!

Want to participate? The KMLT will be demonstrating how to hand feed Monarchs on August 13. Registration can be found at

Whitewater Community Foundation Visits the Site of Camp Invention!

This morning was so inspiring! We visited the site of Camp Invention, a week-long STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) workshop for area kids. The Foundation granted Camp Invention and the Whitewater School District scholarship monies through our Community Action Grant so that children who couldn't afford to attend would have a chance to tear apart computers, make robots, play with drones, learn physics through the use of catapults and slingshots, study anatomy, play with squid ink, etc.

Camp Invention had 15 extra kids in the program because of this Community Action Grant!

What beautiful chaos! The kids were so excited to show us their robots and tell us what they had been playing with ... they were having so much fun learning to create. This is what it's all about, giving our community chances to make great ideas happen.

The Foundation Gives out the First of Eight Community Action Grants

Things are getting exciting this week! We met with Deb Weberpal and Matt Amundson from Whitewater Parks and Recreation on July 7 for their ribbon-cutting ceremony. We presented them with a check for $2332 to assist in paying for the purchase of new adult fitness equipment that Deb spearheaded. And, of course, we took a short stroll over to Treyton's Field of Dreams to support the ribbon-cutting on their new concession building.

Deb, Director of Seniors in the Park, and a dynamo when it comes to providing community activities, took a trip to Israel a few years ago and saw something spectacular. They had parks filled with free fitness equipment and multigenerational usage of that equipment. What a great way to bring parents together with their kids, attract teenagers to have fun and get fit, and encourage seniors to come out and play! We agreed, and it is so. Check out or Facebook page for more news of our efforts in the community. And let us know what you think on our comment page!

Danielle Frawley Joins the WCF Board of Directors

The Whitewater Community Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of our newest board member: Danielle Frawley.

Danielle Frawley is a lifelong resident of Whitewater. She attended UW-Whitewater and graduated with her BBA in International Business with a minor in Spanish in 2007. She is currently the Chief Retail Officer at Fort Community Credit Union. Danielle is passionate about our local community and volunteers with many local organizations including Whitewater Rotary International. She currently holds board positions with the Whitewater Area Chamber of Commerce, the Irvin L. Young Library Endowment Board and the Humane Society of Jefferson County. In her free time, Danielle enjoys running, reading, traveling and being outdoors with her husband, Brian, and their dog, Dubbs. Danielle is excited to be a part of the Whitewater Community Foundation and supporting our overall mission of enhancing the quality of life in Whitewater.

The WCF is thrilled to have a board member with so much proven commitment to the Whitewater Community and can't wait for Danielle to share her ideas.

First Round of 2016 Action Grants Awarded!

The Whitewater Community Foundation has concluded its search for worthy community projects and is proud to announce $16,307 in grants made through our inaugural round of Community Action Grants. The Foundation Grants Committee chose eight grantees to receive monetary support for projects that best advanced education, arts and environmentalism in the greater Whitewater Community.

·         Camp Invention – scholarships for children to attend Science Technology Education Arts and Math (STEAM) camp in order to prevent the “Summer Slide” in education

·         Downtown Whitewater – support for musicians at the new Whitewater City Market

·         Kettle Moraine Land Trust – support for educational hikes and cleanups that teach our citizens how to be more knowledgeable stewards of Whitewater

·         Rock River Free Clinic – Help with the purchase of medications for treating diabetes and other chronic diseases

·         Studio84 – creating opportunities for Studio84 artists with disabilities to work on skills interacting with and presenting art to the public

·         Washington Elementary – supplies to create a mural on the children’s playground

·         Whitewater Parks and Recreation, Seniors in the Park – adult outdoor exercise equipment that can be used in Starin Park throughout the year

·         Wisconsin Makers – support for educational workshops

Through the Whitewater Community Foundation, regular people can make a huge difference in the lives of their neighbors for years to come. The Whitewater Community Foundation board of directors was able strengthen the community with Action Grants to nonprofits using interest from gifts that have been entrusted to us. These financial and in-kind donations contribute to the success of our students, citizens, and ultimately the quality of our regional workforce. Investments in our funds are an investment in our community as we find big ideas that need a little seed money or efforts that bring the community together.  Your contributions, every gift and grant - whether as a friend, an alumnus or alumna, or business or company - makes a world of difference. If you are interested in giving back to Whitewater community, please call 262-458-4088 or go to the "Contact" button on our website and send us a note.

Congratulations Scholarship Recipients!

The Seniors have graduated from Whitewater High School, and some of Whitewater's hardest working, community-oriented students are commencing the next stage of their educations with college, university or technical college. Congratulations to:

Cheyenne Minton - Whitewater Community Foundation

Madalee Gregoire - Whitewater Community Foundation Founder's Scholarship

Sydney Zimdars - James Crummey Memorial 

Emma Stutzman - Rosemary Roe Goeglein Memorial

Derek Holik - Burton H. Heldt Memorial

Caleigh Judd - Burton H. Heldt Memorial

Andrea Markham - Burton H. Heldt Memorial

Brianna Pope - Burton H. Heldt Memorial

Connor Rupke - Burton H. Heldt Memorial

Julian Sonn - Treyton Kilar Memorial

Isabelle Zahn - Treyton Kilar Memorial

Sally Kate Hixson - Anne & Lane Kuske Drama Scholarship

Lan Vo - Randy Lyon Memorial

Jordan Heller - F. L. Moksnes Memorial

Hannah Hitchcock - Jean Broman Olson Art

Cheyenne Minton - Elizabeth Parenteau Spirit of Service Award

Abigail King - Dirk Seibold Cross Country & Track

Sarah Schiltz - Sam & Anne Soffa

Leif Sahyun - Linda Stimpson Memorial

Lan Vo - Raymond O. Storck Family

Jordan Heller - Anthony J. Weiler Memorial

David Hiebert - Anthony J. Weiler Memorial



Whitewater High School Scholarships

It's scholarship season in Whitewater! We are so excited to see the amazing applications that will be coming to us in the next week. On May 25, we're going to meet exceptional young adults in our school district who have made a difference academically, socially, and personally.

Following is a list of scholarships for which local students have applied. Good luck to all!

Whitewater Community Foundation Founders’ Scholarship
Anne & Lane Kuske Drama Scholarship
The Raymond O. Storck Family Scholarship
Elizabeth A. Parenteau Spirit of Service Award
Rosemary Goeglein Scholarship
Burton H. Heldt Memorial Scholarship
F.L. Moksnes Memorial Scholarship
Jim Crummey Memorial Scholarship

Whitewater Community Foundation
Veronica Hookstead-West Memorial Scholarship
Treyton Kilar Memorial Scholarship
Jean Broman Olson Art Scholarship

Randy Lyon Memorial Scholarship
Anthony J. Weiler Memorial Scholarship